Chandani Belly Dance Troupe

00912122573_10208144056224313_4453557943249574245_n[1]Chandani Belly Dance Troupe performs under the direction of June Seaney, Professional Oriental Dancer. It is made up of women of various ages and backgrounds who come together to share their love and respect of the music and culture of the Middle East and North Africa through Oriental dance, and to share this dance with everyone through performance.013

Many of the dancers have been performing with June for several years and in 1999 June organized them as a performance group, Chandani Belly Dance Troupe of Ithaca. Chandani dancers have learned many different styles of Oriental, Folkloric and Romany dances and are always eager to learn more of the dances of the Middle East and North Africa.

Chandani dancers are committed to learning and performing the dances as they are traditionally danced in their respective country and wearing the appropriate costume for each dance.

Chandani dance repertoire includes but is not limited to Egyptian Oriental (Belly Dance) and Folkloric, Turkish Oryantal, Romani (Gypsy) dances.  Dances using props such as swords, canes and veils.  Selection into group is determined by the director after evaluating the dancers ability and commitment.

Rakkasah 2011