Classes – Descriptions

Beginner Belly Dance:
This 8 week series is an introduction to the basic vocabulary of movements used in Turkish Oryantal, Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, American Style Belly Dance. Each class will start with stretches/warm-ups for the dance, Middle Eastern music will be used so we become familiar with the music and how it feels, along with learning the Middle Eastern rhythms and music. Belly Dance is an improvisational dance but to gather understanding of improvisation the basic movements will be put into three different choreographies to feel how the movements fit together and how they feel and fit with the music. Handouts will be available of movements and for music resources, costuming and culture will also be covered in the class.


Belly Dance Level II – Intro to Turkish Oryantal & Egyptian Raqs Sharqi:
This 8 week series is an introduction to Turkish style and Egyptian style of Belly Dance. The next level of movements will be added to our basic vocabulary and how they are danced to Turkish music and to Egyptian music. We will learn the similarities and differences of Turkish and Egyptian music as well as style of dance. Rhythms and music from each country will be taught. Choreographies will be taught to both styles, along with handouts of movements and music resources.


Advanced Level Class: An ongoing class studying more complex movements of the dance, technique, advanced rhythms, use of props with the dance and advanced choreographies in the Turkish and Egyptian styles. Props that we will learn to dance with are: finger cymbals, veils, canes/Assaya/stick, swords. Currently we are studying Egyptian Raqs Sharqi.


Sevillanas – Spanish Dance: The most widely taught of Spanish dances in the world. A fun couple or solo dance from Andalusia.

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