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Up Coming Events:

Danza Romani  – Dance Demonstration of Romani (Gypsy) Dance, Music and Culture from Spain, Turkey and Russia. Sunday, March 10,2019, 2:00 -4:00 pm at the Studio Space at Toko Imports, Dewitt Mall, Ithaca, NY





The Ithaca Times raves:

June is so good (at shimmys) that she can shimmy her shoulders without swaying a single thread of her fringed hip scarf, or shimmy her hips, inciting the fringe into a whirlwind of motion, without disturbing a strand of her long red hair.

Awards and Recognitions

In 2001 I was nominated, along with 26 other women in the Ithaca area, for special recognition at the International Women’s Day celebration, an event to” honor all women who embody the richness of internationalism and to recognize those who have contributed, in some way to enriching our community and the world.”

In 2002 the World Wide Dance program at the Big Red Barn at Cornell University, organized by graduate student, Ayman Diab and myself, was nominated for the Class of ’63 Award for Cultural program.

I was interviewed by Barbara Hopkins on her “Lively Arts” program on Channel 13, about the increased popularity and fitness of Oriental Dance in our local area.

In September 2003 I was interviewed by Kelli Grant, and photographed by Bill Warren of the Ithaca Journal for her Alternative Tompkins profile, about the history and current interest in Oriental Dance.

Performance venues

  • The Ithaca Festival
  • Apple Harvest Festival
  • Octagon Fair at Elmira Collage, Elmira N.Y.
  • National Dance Week “Sharing Our Cultures”
  • Musefest
  • International Cultural events in the Ithaca area
  • Performing for Senior citizens and children’s day camps