Professional Oriental  Dancer

  Instructor & Choreographer 


    Turkish & Egyptian  Styles

of Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance)

       Romani (Gypsy) Dances                                    of Turkey, Spain, Russia & the Balkans 


Performances for: Weddings,  Special Occasions, Festivals, Schools, Birthday parties, Bridal Showers,  Bachelorette parties.    

For Booking Performances or Workshops contact June: 607-351-0640 or june@twcny.rr.com             


I am available to teach Workshops in any of these Dance Styles as well as give Lectures or Dance Demonstrations

  • Turkish Oriental and Rom (Gypsy)

  • Egyptian Oriental, Lebanese, Folkloric: Saidi, & Ghawazee (Nawar/Gypsies)

  • Floorwork

  • Props that are used in the dance: Sword, Veils, Finger Cymbals (Zills / Sagat), Assaya (Stick/Cane)

  • Romani (Gypsy) Dances from Turkey, Russia, Spain & the Balkans

  • Sevillanas – Spanish Dance


 The Ithaca Times raves:

   June is so good (at shimmys) that she can shimmy her shoulders without swaying a single thread of her fringed hip scarf, or shimmy her hips, inciting the fringe into a whirlwind of motion, without disturbing a strand of her long red hair.


I am an instructor of Belly Dance / Oriental Dance at Cornell University j1where it is a credit class in the Physical Education Department. I have given lectures at Cornell University, Cortland State and Wells College as well as local schools, and Girl Scout groups.

I also offer classes in Beginners, Level ll, Intermediate and Advanced, Private & Semi Private, at my studio Moonlight Dancer  – Studio  of Middle Eastern Dance in Ithaca.

I have studied intensively  the Turkish Oriental & Romany styles with Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, (MD) and was named by her as one of five fourth generation dancers of Turkish dance in the US. I have also studied with Tayyar Akdeniz (Turkey),Laurel Victoria Gray (DC), Dalia Carella (NY), Amaya (NM), Nourhan Sharif (NYC), Sahra Saeeda, (CA)Delilah (WA), Dalena (CA), Ramzy Edlibi (NY), and many other talented and knowledgeable instructors.

I am Director of Chandani Belly Dance Troupe of Ithaca and Danza Romani Dance Troupe. Both Dance Troupes perform with me at festivals, stage performances, and outreach to schools, local organizations and  nursing homes.j3