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June Seaney Dance Troupe Director

I am excited to bring the different styles of dances, music, and culture that I teach to the public with my own performances but also through the direction of the Belly Dance Troupe; June with Chandani Belly Dance Troupe and Romani Dance Troupe; Danza Romani (Gypsy Dance)

June With Chandani Belly Dance Troupe

Is a group of women of various ages and backgrounds who come together to share their love and respect of the Music, Dance and Culture from the Middle East and North African countries, through fun and energetic performances.

Our repertoire includes but is not limited to Raqs Sharqi and Folkloric dances of Egypt, Turkish Oryantal, and Lebanese style of Belly Dance. Our dances also include the use of props such as swords, canes and veils. Traditional music and costumes are used in our performances.

June with Chandani Belly Dance Troupe perform at Festivals across New York State, the New York State Fair and Rakkash East in Somerset, NJ and other local venues.

Danza Romani (Gypsy) Dance Troupe

Danza Romani - Spanish
Dancing with Honor and Respect for the Romani People

Danza Romani (Gypsy Dance) is a performance group dedicated to performing, as authentically as possible, improvisational Romani (Gypsy) dances from Turkey, Spain, Russia and the Balkans. The Roma from each country have their own style of music, dance and costumes, we honor this by presenting the appropriate music, movements and costumes. Through our performances we hope to bring awareness to the public of the beautiful music, dance and culture of the Romani People that live throughout the world.

Danza Romani perform in educational settings, such as schools and libraries, festivals and fairs, as well as stage performances.

Dancing with Honor and Respect for the Romani People

International Roma Day

International Roma Day – April 8

International Roma Day is a day for celebrating Romani culture and raising awareness of the current issues facing the Romani people.